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Contact Details

Steven Ho, Ivy Teng and Malcolm Ho

RADIANCE MEDICAL SYSTEMS is appointed distributor for the following global manufacturers in the Geriatric and Rehabilitation market segments;

 Bladder Scanners – Verathon Medical Inc and Caresono
 Macerator – Haigh Hygiene Solutions
 Disposable Urinals and Bedpans – Curas Ltd
 Transfer Wheelchair – Winner SG
 Hospital Beds and Furniture – Teal, Aurion and Malsch
 Shower Trolleys and Chairs – Lopital AB, Gama Healthcare
 Disinfecting and Bath Wipes – Gama Healthcare
 Overhead & Mobile Patient Lifts – Liko, Hill-Rom

The company philosophy is that our engineers and sales & marketing people have daily contact with practising physicians and nurses in Singapore. This enables us to develop, modify and customize solution systems that exactly meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and provides our company with an outstanding reputation.


1. Sit & Shower System: AUTOMATIC SHOWER EASIER FOR BATHER & CAREGIVER ALIKE Automatic soaping and 13 surrounded water jets controlled by a bathing program Excellent cleaning result

2. Lopital : Full range of shower trolleys and chairs from Holland.

3. Sterionizer: The Sterionizer is a bipolar ioniser generating positive and negative ions to purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

4. Marsden M-999 Patient Transfer Scale

5. Famica – Smart Toileting Frame

6. PLS – Patient Lifting Solutions

7. PPS Guide – Lateral Air Transfer Systems

8. dBMEDx – Bladder Scanner

Marsden M-999 Patient Transfer Scale
• Class III and MDD Approved
• Accurate from 500g
• Obtain a patient weight whilst carrying out a lateral transfer
• Powered by rechargeable battery
• 50 hours of continuous use
• Auto power-off function helps to save battery power
• Use the Patient Transfer Scale instead of your traditional PAT slide
• Initially tested in over 30 hospitals
• The final design was influenced from healthcare professionals
• Now used by over 60% of NHS trusts
• Hold and Tare functions to enable accurate and easy weighing
• Covered by the Marsden 4 year warranty

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