Methodist Welfare Services

Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) empowers people to have life to the full by lifting them out of poverty. In addition to alleviating financial poverty, we also address poverty in community (social exclusion, fractured relationships), health (physical, emotional, psychosocial), hope for the future, options, dignity (and self-worth) and economic resources.

Our critical services support low-income and/or distressed families, disadvantaged children, at-risk youth, the destitute, sick and/or frail elderly, and the socially isolated. We strive to achieve this by providing an integrated and holistic helping process for every person who comes through our doors, regardless of their race and religion.

Founded 40 years ago in 1981 and registered as an Institution of a Public Character, MWS serves over 8,000 across 20 centres and outreach programmes in Singapore.

Student care service, residence for at-risk girls, parenting guidance programme, family service centres, financial poverty alleviation programme

Home care, home hospice, senior activity centres, active ageing centre

Nursing homes, home for the destitute

MWS’ Approach to Eldercare:
Strengths-based: We believe seniors have talents and abilities

Empowering: Seniors can co-manage their own well-being

Community-led: For self, for others

Holistic: We aim to meet physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs

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