Lasell Village
Lasell Village, sponsored by Lasell College, is home to an average of 225 residents in its independent living apartments. Lasell Village also provides supported living, short-term rehabilitation services and long-term skilled care, as well as in-home healthcare.

This award-winning community invites residents to experience senior living and retirement in a whole new way, by promoting an active, intellectually enriched lifestyle in a college setting.

Lasell Village is the first to require an individualized continuing education program for each “Villager”. Each resident is required to complete 450 hours of curriculum annually.

Increased longevity and intergenerational communities provide older adults numerous opportunities for personal growth.

This USA roundtable highlights the life-long learning experiences of Lasell Village residents in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s living on a university campus near Boston, Massachusetts.

Learn also about a new technology platform to identify Age-Friendly communities around the world.

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