We create security systems for the future. King Tsushin Kogyo (KingSecurity) has been contributing as a comprehensive manufacturer of security system to the realization of safety and secured wealthy society since our establishment.

And now, what we bring into sight is to pursue the creative ideas for safety and security addressing the variety of social changes. KingSecurity will leverage the technologies it has developed over the years in security systems and utilize them in the fields of caregiving and welfare.

Conventional care recipients’ monitoring systems (such as tension sensors) sometimes provide false alarms and leave the actual situation in the care recipient’s room unclear.

In comparison, Watch Over Sensor (WOS) recognizes at a glance the early-warning events or movements of the care recipient and notifies caregivers various types of alerts.

Without worrying about false alarms, WOS not only sends an alert to caregivers but can also show silhouette images of recipients via a smartphone or tablet device.

Even as a COVID-19 prevention, WOS enables caregivers to monitor the recipient remotely without visiting the care recipient’s room even in the dark.

1. The number of accidents will be reduced by noticing alert before the recipient get out of the bed.

2. As Watch Over Sensor can reduce count of unnecessary visiting the room (by 30 percent, in a verification test), the recipient can stay comfortable without being bothered by patrol at night while he/she is sleeping. This also contributes to reducing time and labour cost of caregivers on night shift.

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