I Care for Mental Health
I Care for Mental Health (ICMH) focuses on advocating the importance of mental health and how it may contribute to an individual’s overall well-being (comprising three pillars: mental, physical, and social well-being) through experiential activities.

Apart from promoting the overall well-being, we aim to assist those suffering from mental health conditions in their recovery journey.

CARE stands for: Converse, Advocate, Respect, and Experience. As a result, we hope to establish a safe place where people may begin to recognize the importance of mental health and where it is acceptable to discuss mental health openly.

CareHub is a smartphone application that uses wearables and a mobile solution to help carers understand their emotions and potential stresses that may be contributing to their stress and burnout.

The wearables will be able to identify potential caregiver triggers and emotions, which will be recorded in the mobile application.

Caregivers can record their experiences or sentiments while caring for their old parents/grandparents, and therefore caregivers in similar situations can provide a virtual hug and share their own experiences, preventing caregivers from feeling lonely on the community page.

A mobile buddy which will be there through your tough times.

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