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Hortherapeutics is founded by the team behind Hortian Consultancy, a design firm based in Singapore.

Our aim is to improve and encourage the interaction between people and nature through the creation of therapeutic environments such as therapeutic gardens supported by therapeutic horticulture programming.

The idea of creating Hortherapeutics began when, in the course of our work, we realised that there is a lack of green spaces in Singapore where the elderly, including those with dementia, and other people with special needs can safely enjoy without constant supervision.

We are also concerned about issues with the ageing society, including rising dementia cases in Singapore and we believe more can be done to help alleviate these issues.

We set ourselves the goal of creating therapeutic gardens and providing therapeutic horticulture programmes to encourage interactions within the gardens.

We believe that user-specific, purpose-built and plant-dominated environments can benefit the physical, psychological, social and mental needs of people.

We hope to use Hortherapeutics as a platform for outreach, research, and to provide design and programming services to benefit people in need.

Our approach stems from ongoing research into environmental psychology, incorporating evidence-based design and participatory design process.

Just as the design of each garden is unique to its site condition, so is every user group with their needs.

Hence, we ensure that meaningful and effective gardens can be created for the benefit of the users.

Complimentary Therapeutic Garden Evaluation for Healthcare Facilities

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