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Kristy Ashton

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Kristy Ashton

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The Global Centre for Modern Ageing
The Global Centre for Modern Ageing is creating an eco-system that empowers people, businesses, researchers and governments to seek and develop solutions that reflect the opportunities for Modern Ageing.

We provide research and insights, advisory, and living laboratory services for businesses and organisations to support them in developing better products, services, and solutions to meet the needs of the growing and changing older community.

We also play a role in the advocacy of modern ageing, recognising and amplifying the important voices of older people in informing business and policy about how to support people in ageing well.

Co-design sessions to assist in concept development and in pre-market refining of products/services.

User experience testing in our LifeLab to validate usability and strengthen uptake.

In-field and in-lab testing to bolster market confidence to investors and buyers that the product/service has been adequately user tested.

Desktop research to capture evidence from across the globe to strategically inform the business case and subsequent phases of development;.

Scoping and undertaking new research to fill the gaps in knowledge and insights to inform decision making.

The LifeLab studio based in Tonsley, South Australia, is a simulated real-life environment where the GCMA’s researchers can work alongside older people and businesses to co-design and validate products, services and experiences that will better serve the lives of ageing people in Australia and around the world.

Through the GCMA’s robust living laboratory approach we capture people-centred insights to truly inform and enhance policy, product and service development, delivery and adoption.

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